SuperBid FAQs

2 min readJul 30, 2021

What is SuperBid?

SuperBid is a social auction app, powered by blockchain and NFTs. SuperBid allows influencers to connect with their fans through auctioning authentic experiences, personal items, and unique NFTs.

What are the utilities and use-case of the $SUPERBID token?

SuperBid’s native utility token, $SUPERBID, is the in-app currency used to participate in social auctions and experiences. Our app will attract mainstream social media users regardless of their level of cryptocurrency knowledge. Read about the token flow here.

Why are there so many tokens?

Originally, the total supply is 777,000,000 tokens. Due to community request, the team has decided to burn 674,168,000 tokens, bringing the total supply down to 102,832,000. Check the token metrics here.

If there are monthly unlocks, wouldn’t it dilute the supply and bring the price down?

Remember that SuperBid had no presale, meaning, the monthly unlocked tokens are not distributed to presale investor wallets. In short, unlocked tokens don’t go into circulation immediately, hence, minimal dilution. SuperBid is a self-funded project, meaning, there is no reason for the team to sell their own tokens on the market.

Is SuperBid available on Pancakeswap? Are there plans to expand to other networks/blockchains?

SuperBid is currently available only on Uniswap, Quickswap, WhiteBIT,, and HitBTC. The team is considering expanding to other networks. Check this guide on how to buy SuperBid tokens.

What is the contract address?

Ethereum contract address: 0x0563dce613d559a47877ffd1593549fb9d3510d6

Matic contract address: 0xa3860f969075045d82de85b06bb665f93c4bae32

When is the app launch?

The app Alpha for selected few has been completed last June, whereas the public beta version is expected to launch on Q3 2021. Official launch will be on Q4 2021. Sign up on the website at to get early access to the app.

When are you listing on other exchanges?

Exchange listing is something that the team is continuously working on, and are only announced once everything has been finalized. Follow our social media accounts and announcements channels to be informed as soon as we’re listed on another exchange.

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