SuperBid’s Milestone Summary for April 2021

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

SuperBid team has achieved a lot for the past 30 days and if you’re someone who just casually checks their social media channels from time to time, it may be difficult to catch up with the progress they’re making. I have compiled them into this article for your convenience.

Staking program launched 🥩

04/01 — SuperBid announced their Staking Program which is set to run for months, offering lucrative APY of up to 400% for Uniswap liquidity providers. Head over to to start staking!

New Team members 💪

04/09 — Branden Hampton, the King of Social Media according to Forbes, joins SuperBid team as Head of Talent

Branden Hampton

04/12— Artur Pszczolkowski, CMO of GamerCoin ($GHX), joins SuperBid as an Advisor

Artur Pszczolkowski

04/13 — Carolina Zborowska, Product Owner at SuperBid

Carolina Zborowska

New Superstars / Ambassadors announced 🐇

04/06 — KidEight, renowned NFT and 3D artist

04/29 — Dana Vicci, TitkTok influencer and rising DJ; 1M+ followers

04/30 — Jay Alvarrez, pioneer travel videographer and extreme sports athlete; 8M+ followers

Website Revamp 🎨

Another important milestone for SuperBid is the revamp of their website. In my opinion, it’s one of the prettiest websites I’ve seen and the community loved it too!

SuperBid’s Vision
SuperBid Superstars/Ambassadors
Leadership Team

App Teaser 📱

Next important milestone for SuperBid is the release of the app. An Alpha version is currently being tested by the team, and will be open to more private testers around mid-May. Beta is expected in June.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser posted on 04/28:

Token value and Holders Growth 📈

SuperBid’s token value has increased to almost 18x on April alone. It went from $0.55 (April 1st) to $8.64 (April 30th) with peak at $10.28; that’s 1,869% growth!


Another metric that people tend to overlook is the number of holders. The more holders there are, the more stable the value/network is. It has increased from approximately 490 (April 1st) to 2,843 (April 30th); a 580% growth in just 1 month!


It is unbelievable how much SuperBid team has achieved in a span of 1 month. I know that this is just the beginning, and there will be more partnerships and ambassadors to be named in the coming weeks/months. Remember to #followthewhiterabbit 🐇 for clues!

Don’t forget to join us on Telegram or Discord and our community members will be more than happy to welcome you! You might even be greeted by a 🥔

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~ 0xPotato




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