SuperBid App Concept

4 min readJun 25, 2021

SuperBid is a next-generation social auction app that connects fans with authentic experiences, interactions, and items from influencer auctions. We are enhancing social media with blockchain-driven auctions and experiences from influencers around the world.

With a leading team of engineers and social media experts, SuperBid enhances one-dimensional social media platforms and provides social media users with an additional avenue to easily monetize and participate in lifestyle auctions.

Our Vision

SuperBid aims to make the world of cryptocurrencies accessible to the ordinary user, the mainstream, in a way that has never been possible before! We want to unite the world of glittering influencers and their unique communities with the world of crypto-nerds, creating a completely new way of interacting with a whole new market. Our goal is to create a crypto beginner-friendly app that allows the broader masses to dive into the world of crypto.

To do this successfully, we’ve lumped together some of the most talented experts in the IT industry with crypto-creative minds, social marketing geniuses, and social media pioneers to build one of the most wonderful and supportive communities around it!

How we are doing it?

SuperBid has been around since we stealth-launched the token in February 2021 — about three months ago and that’s when we started the development of our project. SuperBid is an auctioning app for influencers to auction off physical goods, experiences, and NFTs, and all the auctions will be made or correlated to the token itself. So I’ll give you an example for this:

Let’s say we partner with Mike Tyson and he wants to run an auction on the app. What he can do is record a video of himself signing these boxing gloves that he’s going to auction off on the app. You can convert that video into an actual NFT and he can auction off the boxing gloves on our app and whoever wins the boxing gloves also receives the NFT video of him signing those gloves, so it’s almost like validation on top of validation for once you win these gloves.

That’s just one example. It’s not just influencers that can use this app, it’s basically anyone regardless of how many followers you have. If there is demand for something that you own, you will be able to auction it off on the SuperBid app. Another added layer of SuperBid is that it’s a social engagement platform. It’s not just an auctioning site or an auction house like eBay. It’s like eBay, Instagram, and TikTok combined on steroids!

You’ll be able to chat with people while you’re at an auction. You’ll be able to live stream with people while you’re in an auction. It’s this very dynamic gamification system of a normal auction platform with the added benefits of blockchain integration with our token.

The app is currently in Alpha testing. The public beta will be released in Q3, while the official app launch will be released in Q4. In the meantime, you can check out the app alpha preview (click here).

What is the utility of the $SUPERBID token?

We have a fixed supply of our tokens. The maximum token supply is 102 million with only 5.3 million in circulation currently. All remaining tokens are being locked up for years (click here). If there are influencers who we partnered with, they will be doing auctions within the app starting day one. So when we launch, we’ll have 20, 30 to 40 auctions for the first month of operations just so that we have this constant flow of people that are actually downloading the app and then participating in auctions if there is demand for these auctions (which there will be because the influencers we’re partnering with have millions of followers). What that means is those users are going to be purchasing $SUPERBID tokens to then participate in these auctions. Since there’s a limited supply of the token, and the only way to participate in auctions is to acquire the token, that means that the token price is going to fluctuate with demand and if demand is up, the token price will also be up obviously; you can do the math yourself.

Our early community members actually realize and understand that we’re creating almost a recession-proof token that regardless of the state of the crypto market, if influencers are still around and if they’re still using the app and still running auctions, there’s going to be demand for $SUPERBID regardless whether Bitcoin is $100,000 or $10,000 or $1000.

In addition to being used for bidding, other planned use-case for the $SUPERBID tokens are:

  • Participating in exclusive auctions
  • Providing greater visibility in the app for both influencers and users
  • Contacting influencers directly, paid for in tokens
  • Accessing exclusive skins, emojis, and animations
  • Donating to charities

Look forward to many more exciting announcements and events until the final release of our app because one thing is clear: We are just at the beginning and we will never, ever stop!

Join us and help us change the world of Crypto X Social-Media forever.

Let’s fly to the moon… Literally 🚀🌕

(~written by 0xPotato and Jonas)

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