Impromptu AMA from SuperBid’s CTO, Wojciech Sobczuk

4 min readApr 28, 2021

Last night, SuperBid and VentureDevs Co-founder & CTO surprised everyone with an impromptu AMA. In case you missed it, you’re in luck because I’ve compiled them in this article for your convenience.

Jonas S:

Any idea why it says „SUPERBID has 800$ million valuation“?

Wojtek: That’s around where we plan a VC (Venture Capital) raise. That’s the SuperBid company valuation which we want to use (somewhere around it) for raising money from a fund.

M: oh, you want to reach this market cap before asking a fund to put more money ?

Wojtek: Unrelated to market cap. This is valuation of the company, app, probably tokens etc. all assets. We’ll see what we get, but various projections are indicating that the future is bright 🙂

M: okay thank you, I understand now. How much is this now?

Wojtek: Hard to tell, in our case it’s all about the future & vision + ongoing traction. You can’t really reliably valuate a company before the app is out and you can see actual traction.

ZZZZZ S: then release the app :P post some working sketches, haha

Wojtek: Working on it every day 🙂 We’re posting designs on Twitter.

Michael: Is it possible to ask how many influencers that you aim for at the alpha launch? No names. Just Numbers. 😊 and how many is on board already?

Wojtek: Sure. Right now we have Natalia and Kid Eight — you can see that on our site. And we’re talking to 20–30 others, only it’s in various stages of discussion. I think we’ll be announcing someone within a week, but don’t want to guarantee anything since it’s up to our talent team.

And we’re aiming for at least a 100 million follower pool for app launch, hopefully 200 million. But we’ll see where we land, will update you as we go.

Michael: Very nice Wojtek. Thats all i wanted to hear. 🙏🙏 it gives a lot of trust I believe when you as owner take care of the investors. Thank you.

Wojtek: Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.

0xPotato: How many developers are working on the app? Also how close are we in releasing the app for limited public testing?

Wojtek: It’s a 6 person team now and will be growing gradually. Private alpha aimed for mid May right now, and then private beta as soon as we deem it ready.

Another dev joining in 3 weeks. 6 person + me hehe

ZZZZZ S: can you drop their linkedins?

Wojtek: Nope, we’re not publishing team linkedins as a rule, only leadership. Suffice to say we know how to build apps at VentureDevs so you’ll be able to judge the quality by yourself in the beta 🙂

M: Sorry, do u mean 100 millions people using the app when released?

ZZZZZ S: no, there must be a x number of influencers that have 100m of followers

Wojtek: Exactly, and then some % of that will convert and use the app, and spread the info.

For auction winners we have certificates that they can share on social media to spread the word.

ZZZZZ S: last question, when geomagnetic storm of tokenomics? This thing needs to be solved asap

Wojtek: Working on that too.. 🙂

SernYi: Really good to have you here connecting with investors

We see Asia is part of roadmap, any influencer from Asia yet?

Wojtek: We just started translations of the site and preparations for Asian launch. No definite date set yet but I think it’s coming. No influencers from Asia yet.

SernYi: Which part of Asia are your focusing btw? What type of influencer (segments) or micro influencers are your looking at?

Wojtek: Korea. Gaming, lifestyle and music

Sergei_993: How many languages the SuperBid site will be translated soon?

Wojtek: We’re thinking about it. But we can translate to any language. So if someone from the community is interested in translating let us know.

We have a translation UI setup. So if u guys are open to translating we’re happy to set it up.

And then app in the future. But starting with website only.

Sergei_993: So the big influencer will come most likely after launching the application!?

Wojtek: Announcements coming soon, every influencer we lock down will do auctions and promotion when we launch.

Scott: How long are the locked/vested tokens locked up for? Until they will be in circulation.

Wojtek: Up to us (the team) on the circulation part. Right now we have >30 million tokens on team + liquidity wallets, so adding another few million from unlock won’t change anything. So you don’t need to worry about unlocks is the short version.

Tony Montana: And thoughts about more burns are in the door, correct?

Wojtek: Yes but no definite ideas yet. If we don’t manage to reasonably distribute a big portion of supply then we’ll have to resort to that.

Scott: Where do the reward tokens come from? Will those be coming from the locked up or owner wallets? Total tokens in circulation will be increasing as rewards as handed out?

Wojtek: From the liquidity wallet. Total tokens in circulation will be increasing.

That’s it! Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Wojtek of course for engaging with the community. It is such a rare sight for the CTO to be active in the community and have the time to answer these questions on the fly.

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~ 0xPotato