How to buy SUPERBID tokens

5 min readJun 6, 2021


SuperBid is a social-auction app connecting fans with thousands of influencer-led auctions for items, experiences, and NFTs. It combines the potential of live shopping with online auctions and influencer marketing.

$SUPERBID is the in-app utility token for the upcoming auctioning application. It will be used to bid on auctions, access exclusive features in the app, donate to charities, and more.

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, classifying it as an ERC-20 token. For this reason, you will need to purchase Ethereum first before you can convert it to SUPERBID tokens.

Where to buy Ethereum:

1. Binance.US /
2. Coinbase
3. Kraken
4. Gemini

Where to buy $SUPERBID:

Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)
1. WhiteBIT
2. Exchange
3. HitBTC
Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)
4. Uniswap
5. Quickswap

Note: To know the difference between Centralized and Decentralized exchange, click here.

To buy SUPERBID tokens, follow these steps:

Send Ethereum to an exchange where SUPERBID is listed, then buy SUPERBID tokens

Once you have purchased Ethereum, you will have to send it to one of the CEXs above, then use it to buy SUPERBID tokens.

In this guide, we’ll use WhiteBIT as an example. The process will essentially be the same for and HitBTC, only with an extra step of selling your ETH for USDT first, before you can use it to buy SUPERBID tokens.

Note: For U.S. residents, centralized exchanges may not allow you to use their platform, or require to verify your account first by asking you personal information and documents which can take days or weeks.

As an alternative, you can buy SUPERBID tokens on DEXs where there is no country or state restriction. You can skip to “Create your own wallet such as MetaMask”.

A. Register an account on WhiteBIT

Go to to register and verify your email.

Register for an account

B. Send your Ethereum to WhiteBIT

Once you’re registered, log in and go to Balance > Spot (or click here). Beside Ethereum, click Deposit.

Click Deposit

Take note of your Deposit address.

Copy your ETH deposit address to clipboard

Next, withdraw Ethereum from the exchange where you purchased it such as Binance or Coinbase. In this example, we’ll use Binance.

From Binance, go to Wallet > Fiat & Spot > Withdraw > ETH. Then, paste your WhiteBIT deposit address to the Recipient’s address in Binance. Under Network, choose ERC-20.

Withdraw your ETH

Complete the withdrawal procedure, and wait for your Ethereum to show up on WhiteBIT.

C. Buy SUPERBID tokens on WhiteBIT

Once your Ethereum arrives on WhiteBIT, go to Balance > Spot ( then click “Transfer”.

Click Transfer

Then, click MAX then click “Confirm Transfer”.

Transfer ETH from Main balance to Trade balance

Once your ETH is transferred to your Trade balance in WhiteBIT, go to Under Buy SUPERB, click “MARKET”, click your ETH balance, then click the green “BUY” button.

Market Buy $SUPERBID tokens

Confirm the purchase.

Click Confirm

That’s it! You now have SUPERBID tokens on your WhiteBIT account.

Take note that WhiteBIT is a centralized exchange, which means they are custodians to your cryptocurrencies. If you want full control over your cryptocurrencies such as $SUPERBID or Ethereum, you have to create your own private wallet. The most popular private wallet right now is MetaMask. Other alternatives are, for example, “Coinbase Wallet” and “Trustwallet” as an app for iOS or Android devices.

Simply copy your private wallet’s Ethereum address and use it as the recipient when withdrawing SUPERBID tokens from WhiteBIT.

Create your own wallet such as MetaMask

How to Buy $SUPERBID on Uniswap using MetaMask

After setting up your MetaMask wallet and sending your Ethereum there, you’re now ready to buy SUPERBID tokens on Uniswap.

After setting up your MetaMask wallet and sending your Ethereum there, you’re now ready to buy SUPERBID tokens on Uniswap.

Note: Are you using the MetaMask mobile app or another wallet like “Coinbase Wallet” or “Trustwallet”? Then you can do the same procedure there via the integrated browser / decentralized application (dAPP)!

Trustwallet app guide: Click here
Coinbase wallet app guide:
Click here

If you need a detailed guide aside from the video tutorials above, you can check out the following article from one of our community members:

How to Buy $SUPERBID on Quickswap

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