How can you, as a community member, help SuperBid’s social engagement?

2 min readSep 18, 2021
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

SuperBid has one of the most dedicated team I have ever seen in the crypto industry. As someone who invested a lot of money and time in this project, it is in our best interest to help them however we can. Through these simple daily tasks which should only take a couple of minutes, you can contribute to SuperBid’s success.


  1. Go to
  2. Search for ‘SuperBid’
  3. Scroll down and beside “How Do You Feel About Today”, click “Good”


  1. Go to
  2. Search for ‘SuperBid’
  3. Scroll down and beside ‘How do you feel about SuperBid today?’, click “Good”


  1. Go to
  2. Search for #SuperBid or $SUPERB
  3. Filter Top and Latest posts
  4. Like, retweet, and comment tweets about SuperBid

Also don’t forget to follow SuperBid and engage in their twitter posts at


  1. Join SuperBid’s subreddit at
  2. Upvote the posts and engage in a conversation

Also, check if you have Free awards to claim then award posts in the subreddit.

That is all for now. If you managed to do all or some of the tasks above, thank you for showing your support! Let’s do these tasks daily and it should become a habit in no time 😁